Shree Giriraj Singh Lotwara Ji’s departure is a personal loss for us. As him, I have lost not only a senior leader of the organization but also an integral member of the family whose support and guidance we have been receiving for years, orator par excellence, legal luminary Giriraj Singh ji served the Society and Rajput Sabha Bhawan with dedication and zeal.

Before blossoming into a full-fledged President of Rajput Sabha Bhawan, Giriraj Singh Ji had established himself as a shining spark in circles.
Those were heady when it was not surprising to see someone from a prestigious institution like Rajput Sabha Bhawan representing the Council’s body. The doors for his formal arrival on the national scene were opened in the early ’20s when the Rajput Sabha Bhawan was at the cusp of social, political and economic transformation. Says Balveer Singh Hathoj.

Balveer Singh Hathoj General Secretary , Shree Rajput Sabha Jaipur


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