Everyone’s favourite simple, gentle and friendly personality, like Shri Giriraj Singh Ji Lotwara, seldom born a devoted son of Mother India, being the President of Rajput Sabha Jaipur, Shri Giriraj Singh Ji asked me to visit his office many times. Had the opportunity. He once had a courtesy mate with the director of Desert Calling PP Parshar at his residence in Mansarovar, Jaipur. New TV projects were discussed in this met. In this connection, in the year 2016, I and Sir at BP also got the opportunity to visit his native village Lotwara with Giriraj Singh Ji. All of us had reached his native village in Giriraj Singh Ji’s car. When we entered his village to discuss politics, cinema, sports and theatre, etc., during the rainy season, we were thrilled to see greenery and green fields all around.

When we were brought to the terrace, we saw that the corners are made here, but some rooms do not have a roof, then I asked him a question As to why the terrace of some rooms in such a large mansion has been left out, he explained that when I am in my leisure time, I enjoy having tea, dinner, conversation with family and close friends in these roofless rooms in the natural environment. The joy of clean, cool air is something else.

Giriraj Singh Ji Lotwara left all of us suddenly in the time of Covid. Even today, I do not believe in this incident, we can give their thoughts to the people by reaching them.

“Dr Chandradeep Hada” share their words with Jaipur Explore.


Dr. Chandradeep Hada
SF, NET, ICH, Ph.D., JF, NS- Theatre
Main Lead Actor for Desert Calling-DD India, DD National

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