Rajput Sabha Bhawan president Shri Giriraj Singh Lotwara has been the “greatest orator” and he realized the virtues of both consensus and harmony, Dr Sanjay Singh Shekhawat said on Sunday.
“He was unquestionably the best orator Rajasthan has heard. He could play with words. He was a wordsmith. He never fell into the temptation of committing an impropriety. He realized the virtues of social harmony. “He already enjoyed a formidable reputation as a great orator. He was on his way to becoming an iconic political leader. Dr Shekhawat, who is a Senior medical officer (Anaesthesia) at SMS hospital, Jaipur, said Giriraj Ji was a familiar face in Rajasthan.

Dr Sanjay Singh Shekhawat
Senior medical officer (Anaesthesia)
SMS hospital Jaipur.

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