The Center for Social Development (CSD) today registered its protest against the atrocities on Dalits across the country through a one-day protest in the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, along with more than 200 professors, and research scholars. CSD is a Pan-India group of intellectuals, university teachers and research scholars from SC, ST and OBC. The CSD team raised its voice against the increasing cases of rape, murder and other atrocities on the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities happening in Rajasthan and other states. Dr Rajkumar Phulwaria says that the incidents of brutal murders are increasing day by day across the country in which inhuman atrocities and outrage of many women and killings of many women have been registered in different cities of Rajasthan. Keeping this in mind, we all the intelligentsia are registering our protest and protesting against such incidents in full swing across the country.

The team of CSD has led many prominent office bearers of the country; The President, and the Governor, by sending letters to others, have informed about such incidents and are also taking union campaigns from them from time to time.

CSD has given a direct indication to all the state governments by holding a one-day protest against the increasing heinous crime against Dalits in Rajasthan that such incidents will be tolerated in the future and our fight will continue till the victims get justice.

Professor Suresh Choudhary said that many narrow-minded political people are promoting such caste-based part even after 75 years of independence, today India is celebrating the Aazadi ka Amarit Mahautsav and moving towards a developed nation. We all have to come out of this mindset. The program was directed by Dr Jai Singh Meena, and Dr Suman Meena, and the stage was conducted by Mr Manish Ji and Dr Vineet Sinha.

Along with this, senior professors of Delhi University also shared their opinion and made it clear that such a part would not be tolerated in the country of India.


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