The Rajput society is deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Shree Giriraj Singh Lotwara Ji. The blank spaces that have been created with his demise will remain for a long time. “Giriraj ji was a woke Member of Rajput Society, a powerful orator and a person who always placed the nation’s peak interests before anything else. He also had the skill to transcend political and age barriers and make friends from all walks of life.”

In the most difficult situations in my life, even when I came to Jaipur for the first time, I never felt as if I had come away from home. Be it about the Work or any Social fight, he always stood by my side like an elder.”
Giriraj Singh Lotwara Ji was a man of multifaceted talent, always kept an eye on the public sector and was a guiding light for many Youth members.

He took me under his wing from my worst days in Jaipur and was like an elder to me, always looking for me and giving me good advice.
He was very large-hearted and always accessible and inclined to help, for which he has admirers across the Social spectrum. One of my fondest memories is as a first-time, when I occasionally sought an appointment to meet him, he would instead ask me to join him for Tea at his office. Giriraj Singh JI gave me many books to read.
A person who was always available for all of us, in times of need, with his advice. A symbol of honest society and above all an outstanding human being is no longer with us today.
He held multiple social responsibilities, which enabled him to contribute towards Society’s growth, strengthening our defence capabilities, creating a people-friendly environment and enhancing relationships with others He was an outstanding statesman, & administrator who devoted his life to public service & Rajput Society Growth.
Society is in mourning and pays tribute to him. I, however, was left wondering why this kind of effusive praise had not been showered on Giriraj JI when he was alive.

‘Vikram Singh Dhodhliya’ CEO & Editor-in-chief Of Jaipur


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