Have you ever thought about the condition of those underprivileged people who struggle for the basic needs each and every day for survival? Life is tough for everyone but for these people life is a war or a real struggle in which each day brings a new challenge for survival.

God always listens to the prayers of people who have complete faith in him and never lets them lose this belief. He sends angels to help those who need help. One such angel is Madad Foundation – Ek Kadam Madad Ki Or. This foundation was started on 15 February 2018 by Ganpat Singh Ganwdi, Dileep Singh Safed, Shimbhu Singh Safed, Rajendra Singh Singod and Deepak Singh Bai.

Started with few members, this foundation has made created a special place in the hearts of many with its mode of working and motive. Now more than 5000 people have already connected with the foundation for its great cause and it is continuing further. The foundation has done some amazing contributions for the society in these few years.

Till now, this foundation has helped almost 408 foundations and groups which include a donation amount of Rs 111111 to Ram Mandir. The other major contributions by this foundation are mentioned below.

22 Marriages

41 Help to households which are underprivileged

46 Medical

26 Groceries

162 Sewing Machines

7 Scholarships (Rs 2100)

7 Wheel Chairs

1 Weightlifting machines

1 Help to member of Madad Foundation (102100)

1 Help to member of Madad Foundation in wedding (111000)

2 Aata Chakki

94 Pensions

5000 Help for cow’s long sickness

Jaipur Explore is already a part of the movement started by Madad Foundation. The foundation is doing an extraordinary work and we would like to appeal people to join the foundation as members in a large number. This will definitely be helpful for underprivileged people and ultimately India as a whole.

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JE Kota Editor
JE Kota Editor

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