Jaipur Explore has come up with an initiative for providing Rajasthan Industry Awards to industries which are proving to be the best in their respective fields in Rajasthan. The major start-ups or industries that have left no stone unturned in establishing their businesses always deserve to be rewarded and appreciated.

Various industries which are operating successfully in Rajasthan are doing a great job in making Rajasthan proud and famous all over the world. They are becoming highly successful and now Rajasthan is not only known for its cultural heritage but also for its industries and technology.

Some of the major industries working in Rajasthan are mentioned below.

 Agro Based, Food Processing and Organic Food Products

 Carpets, Durries & Woollen Based

 Gold/Silver/Platinum/Artificial Jewellery

 Precious & Semi Precious Stones


 Mineral Based Products


 Readymade Garments

 Electronics & Computer Hardware


 Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Allied Products

 Computer Software, KPO/BPO/Tourism/Medical & Other Services

 Women Entrepreneur (Exporter)

 Miscellaneous (Leather, Metal & Other Products which are not included above categories)

While collaborating as a partner with all these industries to expand their business all over the world through various blogs and articles, Jaipur Explore also want to play our part in taking Rajasthan to new heights.

We also want to urge these companies to provide job opportunities to people of Rajasthan. By working and operating in Rajasthan, these companies are getting opportunities to earn and expand their business internationally. Thus, for their moral and social responsibility, we would like them to prioritize residents of Rajasthan while providing job opportunities.

This will be really helpful for the people of Rajasthan also and the local talent can be used beautifully here without losing them to other states or countries. This does not mean that jobs should not be provided to residents of other states and countries. Just that Rajasthan residents should get some priority and then other people should also be employed based on their talent and efficiency.

Providing opportunities for locals can really make a difference and be very advantageous in expanding the business on a large scale. Both, the employer and the employee can get the huge benefits of saving the costs and working in home town respectively.

Jaipur Explore is always there and would like to work religiously in making Rajasthan stand out of the whole world and making India proud. Rajasthan deserves to be acclaimed internationally in each and every regard. The talented youth of Rajasthan should be retained here so that the overall result is exceptional.

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JE Kota Editor
JE Kota Editor

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