Vikram Singh Dhodhliya performs a crucial function in bringing approximately social modifications for the betterment of society. He’s dedicated to bringing in social reforms and preventing for social justice and an extra de in society via attention campaigns, social work, and different activities. Vikram Singh Dhodhliya belongs to a freedom fighter family.  His grandfather Thakur Jalu Singh Dhodhliya was in Ganga Risala under Bikaner Camels Troops.

Under Ganga Singh this force became standardized in rank and pay structure, its schooling and device had been improved, the device of feudal quotas became ended, and every unit became given formal uniforms and designations. For the Ganga Risala, which turned into officially raised in 1889 as six corporations of 500 guys marked as Imperial Service Troops, the composition of squaddies became: 75% Rajputs of the ruling Rathod extended family of Bikaner.

He’s a stately-famed social activist who has actively laboured for the enforcement of people’s rights and education. He additionally fought in opposition to society and endorsed the time-honoured right.

He is the founder and editor in chief of Jaipur explore magazine. MR Dhodhliya is a M.D. of Solar Desert Camp Churu. which is a very unique concept itself. Vikram has been active withinside the Gyaan Singh Gyaan Foundation from an early age. he’s the national president of this foundation. Vikram Believe,  If we need to convey younger human beings again into the electoral decision, we should offer them competently, convincing candidates. We want greater younger human beings in energy, and mainly younger Girls in energy throughout our political institutions.

As a democratic consultant for that dangerously under-represented group. According to Vikram  ‘We mustn’t wait till we’re older to have our say. We can and have to do it now. So move on. Go for it. Get involved.’

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