Friends and Artists are paying tribute to artist Samarth Singh Siddhu Aka Bidi and Ronak Thakkar, who have passed away in yesterday’s accident. Samarth was a beloved and influential figure in the art scene, and his viral work inspired countless people for over a decade.

Though he eventually accumulated over many followers in Jaipur.
Samarth’s ethereal, anime-inspired art gained significant attention and was frequently shared by fans & Friends, galvanizing his to pursue it as a career.

“JKK was really the place where I got the encouragement and confidence to try and convince my parents I wanted to become a professional artist,” Samarth wrote In Jaipur Explore 2019 “I remember wanting to be just as skilled and well known as some of the artists here and it’s crazy to almost be able to see myself as their peer now.”
Known for his positivity, friendliness, and warmth as much as his skill with a pencil, many considered Samarth a writer and inspiration.

Samarth’s friend and fellow Jaipur Explore’s Editore-in Cheif “Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya”. Bidi broke news, of his Accidental death on March 15. “He was a light in my life and meant more to me than I can explain,” he wrote on Twitter.


Today, the world has lost a wonderful artist and a wonderful person. Thank you for inspiring us with your art, Samarth Aka Bidi. We hope you rest in peace. ‘Jaipur Explore Team’

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