Nestled inside the golden dunes of Dhodhliya Churu’s Sands, Nomadic Desert Camp is administered through a local Dhodhliya’s Rajpoot family and is one of the first established withinside the region. Taking a cue from the lovely nature that surrounds it, our huts and sitting regions are constructed from waterproof tents and different natural resources. Lighting is supplied through candlelight and solar energy, making Nomadic Desert Camp a completely unique and environmentally pleasant retreat to enjoy actual barren region life.
Each barasti hut comes with snug bedding, with shared showers and bathrooms to be had for use.
In the evening, they welcome you to join them across the campfire for natural relaxation and unspoiled perspectives of the nighttime sky.
Presenting a global of precise stories to the “brand new” age traveler is our specific inbound division, Rajasthani Experience.

Rajasthani Experience is your unforgettable ticket to an individual destination, to a global as rich and ancient as its far new and glitzy – rolling desert, bustling souk, an engineering marvel, culinary hotspot, or a journey escapade.
Solar Desert Camp Experience specialty lies withinside the know-how and customized offerings that we provide to our clients. Be it individual or massive organization programs, excursions, tours, journeys, or different packaged tours into the region, we’re probably the simplest corporation that can provide the entire.

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