The Ranakpur Dam is a popular destination for tourists and one of the most tranquil places to visit in Pali. Located in the cosy Ranakpur village this dam provides you with the perfect respite from the life of the city. Ranakpur Dam is situated at a distance of about 5 km from Sadri which is also known as Sadri Dam. This dam is a popular tourist spot which attracts many thousands of tourists every year. Apart from this, Ranakpur Dam is also a famous picnic spot where people are seen taking some time out and enjoying picnic with their family or friends. Let us tell you that about 10,000 acres of land is also irrigated by the 120 year old Ranakpur Dam.

Ranakpur Dam history is believed to be around 120 years old. Ranakpur Dam or Sadri Dam was built by Pratap Singh, the former Maharaja of Jodhpur, to provide water to the unirrigated land around Ranakpur. It is believed that the walls of this dam are made of glass and zinc, whose wall is so wide that two trucks can pass simultaneously.
If you are going to visit Ranakpur Dam, then let us inform you that do not try to go into the water for fun or bath, because due to that there has been an accident and loss of life and property.
Do not lean too much on the railing of Ranakpur Dam.
Ranakpur Dam (Sadri Dam) Timing

Let me tell you, Ranakpur Dam is open for 24 hours, but 9.00 am till 6.00 pm is a good and valid time for tourists to visit, at this time you can roam without any hassle and restriction, and tell you. Make sure to take 1-2 hours to visit the Ranakpur Dam for a complete and enjoyable visit.

Ranakpur Dam Entry Fees In Hindi
There is no entry fee for tourists to visit Ranakpur Dam.
Best Time To Visit Ranakpur Dam In Hindi

If you are planning to visit Ranakpur Dam with your family or friends, then let us tell you that you can visit Ranakpur Dam at any time of the year except summers, but monsoon is the best time to visit here. Have a good and exciting time. Where you can see a beautiful view of the water. And let us tell you that during the summers starting from March, avoid traveling to Ranakpur Dam Ranakpur because at this time the temperature of Ranakpur Rajasthan reaches up to 45 degree Celsius. Which may discourage your visit to Ranakpur.

You must set forth on a weekend to this perfect getaway to make the most of the sheer beauty of the sight, the splashing water, and the clear view of the mountains as the backdrop. This dam looks like a dream and lures your senses at the time of sundown and sunrise.

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