A young entrepreneur who built her own empire, we are talking about Kirti Singh the CEO of KOSMOS. A person with a beautiful thought who not only teaches but also enjoys the thrill of life. In a conversation with us, she lets it all out.


Q1. It is often difficult to do something on your own at such an early age, how did you do it all by yourself?

Since the beginning, I wasn’t such a great student when it comes to academics but where was creativity I was always at no.1 position. Even in school whenever teachers gave us some creative task I would put all my effort on it and think till I found the best and the most suitable idea for the assignment. So, since then I knew forte. Therefore, after my studies got over I further wanted to do Jewellery designing and then after that I joined IIGJ as a faculty member it was then I realised that I was a good teacher too because I was getting really good results and my students as well as everyonewas really happy with my work. Then suddenly one evening I thought that starting my own institute is a good idea, therefore it is then KOSMOS came into existence in 2011, and thanks to god things went pretty smoothly.

 A Young Entrepreneur Kirti Singh (11)

Q2. What are the things other than teaching that you love to do?

Yes teaching is at number 1 position that I love to do but other than that I love adventure sports like horse riding, Jeep driving, mountaineering and the list goes on recently I came across CRCJ which happens to be a group of Jeep lovers where I came across many amazing people and it took my passion to some next level because unlike the others I am not someone who stays at home during the weekends or just go to shopping, I am someone who loves adventures, love to explore and try out something new. Horse-riding is again something that I absolutely love and as I did it in an early age so it’s something that I always will have a space for whenever hobbies come up.

Q3. Who is that someone that inspires you whom you look forward to?

VasundraRajye, the chief minister of Rajasthan is someone who inspires me. She is my idol because the way she talks, walks and her personality is very catchy. Other than her my biggest inspiration is my mother because she is one strong person who has always held herself in every condition and supported me through thick and thin.

A Young Entrepreneur Kirti Singh (7) A Young Entrepreneur Kirti Singh (9)

Q4. What is it that makes you the happy?

I feel the happiest when I see my students are successfully and standing on their feet. To be honest it’s a complete different feeling when you see that somebody’s life has improved because of you.

Q5. What is jewellery according to you?

Jewellery is life and not only for me but for every lady out there, they are an initial part of women’s life. Personally, I love the traditional Kundan,Meena Jewellery and whenever I get any chance I opt for it.

Q6. What is the next step to improve your institute?

I want to introduce many other courses, for instance it has computer designer courses but then now I want to start the manufacturing of the jewellery like whatever you draw on the sheet you should know how to make it for real. But let’s see I’m hoping for the best, also I’m thinking to open one more institute.

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Q7. What is your main motive while teaching to your students?

I strongly believe in quality over Quantity, and due to that I don’t prefer a huge number of students and also that all the students are taken care of and no one is neglected. I also make sure that things are not so monotonous and make sure that students have fun too that is why I take them for annual trips. I love my students and I also take care of them like I solve their problem not only in studies but also, I council them and guide them for their personal problems. I also take initiative and tell my students to participate in many jewellery competitions like JAS (Jeweller association show) JJS (Jaipur jewellery show)and also make sure that they do their best and by the grace of god every consecutive year my students get selected and win some prize, for instance this year one of my student came out second and the other was given a consolation prize. Therefore, my main motive is that every student on mine should possess qualities like honesty, generosity, sincerity and knowledge.

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Q8. What is the main challenge that you face in this field?

the main challenge according to me is that new trends keep on coming and then some or the other innovation comes up every now and then so that’s why I have to conduct a research every once in a while, and then according to that I prepare my material and therefore I have to teach my students according to that. Like before people were more into traditional jewellery but today people want tradition with a western touch, which also must be unique and classy.Like people are more into funky jewellery which they wear on a daily basis.So, one must experiment with colours, material and designs.

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