Rajasthan has always been an important hub for the tourists because of its historical importance. A lot of efforts have been undertaken in regards to Rajasthan tourism for taking it to new heights from a long time. But the need of starting from scratch and spreading to all the rural areas for the whole sole benefit of rural Rajasthan was not that effective in this case.

The need for overall development of the rural tourism was realized and then successfully implemented by Mr Vikram Singh Dhodhliya, founder of the Solar Desert Camp and an active tourism enthusiast. He is a prominent name that has been shining in the field of Rajasthan tourism since he started working for this cause.

Vikram Singh Dhodhliya belongs to a conservative Rajput family and has been working day and night to promote and take Rajasthan tourism to the next level. He has worked for this cause from the grassroots level and left no stone unturned in proving to be the master of this industry.

Vikram Singh Dhodhliya has gone deeper in the field of Rajasthan Rural Tourism and is focusing on the rural areas only to develop them and show the real Rajasthan to the world. His efforts have been giving him extraordinary results and he has now become a well-recognized personality in the field of tourism throughout the country.

He has also been invited as a spokesperson by many cities to share his wisdom and knowledge of the related field. As tourism is an important factor that serves in the economy of the country, managing it wisely becomes very important. Mr Dhodhliya has actually got a deeper insight of the same and is working hard to carry new reforms in the field.

Along with his team, he has come up with an idea to add those farmers of Rajasthan in their mission who are working on organic farming. They are planning to cover the whole of Rajasthan where they will provide a common platform to all these farmers to showcase their work. The team will cover their stories, write articles about them and basically bring them in front of the world so that they could also be promoted along with the tourism industry.

Vikram Singh Dhodhliya wants the support of all those people who are directly or indirectly related to the tourism industry in this mission. The vision and mission is to support the farmers along with the tourism of Rajasthan and also promote inter state tourism with the states bordering Rajasthan.

Under this mission, the team is going to send a gypsy from Rajasthan on the coming 1st of next month to travel and cover the whole of state. This gypsy will be travelling for almost 6 months to promote inter state tourism. Mr Dhodhliya wants other states also to take active part in this mission and make it a successful one.

The hotel and resort owners, tour guides, rural campaigners, solar tube well using farmers, dragon fruit planting farmers and rose farmers all can be a part of this mission. If all of these can contribute actively, this mission can really be a highly successful and beneficial one. The vision is very clear, what all is needed is a strong support system.

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Mr Vikram Singh Dhodhliya

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