The highly visible Army themed in Sepoy measures 1,000 square feet inside, plus a 1,000-square-feet roof area where guests enjoy a full music stage and hookah bar. Inside, the concept combines dining and entertainment, targeting Millennials with great food, live music and a fun environment. “Sepoy is completely different from other themed restaurants,” says Raghuraj. “Once you arrive, you immediately feel the concept, the attention to detail and the military influence.”

We wanted to create a complete environment,” he says. “We used old  cold rolled steel, solid iron, reclaimed wood, some blacked out windows to give the feel of a military installation.  The painted out windows are like from barracks.”

IMG-20170315-WA0058         IMG-20170315-WA0060

The decoration is military themed, with bombs, bullet casings and army helmets decorating the rooms. the interiors of Bunker are inspired by the army, with accessories ranging from hand grenade salt shakers and gun-shaped door handles to lamps in the shape of helmets. trunks for tables, bags of sand as table separaters were really cool.  Adding to the theme are walls and tables adorned with rare pictures and intriguing facts about the Indian Army.  Army helmets serving as lights, a gun attached to the main door, an entire seating that is a replica of an army bunker and a lot more here connects you to the army life. There’s a plethora of drinking and eating options one can choose from.

IMG-20170315-WA0042     IMG-20170315-WA0052IMG-20170315-WA0049

IMG-20170315-WA0043        IMG-20170315-WA0050

Now, Sepoy  is great with its food. However, a visit here is incomplete unless you sip into their army themed Drinks. Prepared & Idea  by Lalit Singh, the Dishes here have been named after different aspects of the Indian of Army and the taste or the presentation exactly matches its name.

LOC (Sepoy Special) is a combination of mutton and chicken with Boiled Egg Loc. Perfect for the meat lovers.

Should you want best Tandoori Dishes especially Non Vegiterian in Jaipur, your search stops at SEPOY who offers the Best Non Veg  dishes. Their Chicken Tandoori offering are mouth watering. This is the best eatery serving authentic, hygienic and mouth-watering veg and non-veg items (both starters and main course) in the city. They also have a wide variety of fresh & frozen non-veg items (veg as well). This is a must visit place for all the non-veg lovers – chicken & Mutton Soup is the must try. For vegetarians – Paneer tikka and Shahi Panner is must have.

This Sepoy restaurant offers you lots of choices. You should be satisfied even you dine here alone or with friends, family or a party. Chef cooks very fast any hot naan & roti are soft with attractive smell. Highly recommend for students. All the curries, tikka and tandoori dishes are also tasty. Samosa, pakkora and malai kofta are acceptable.This place provide quality non veg food and one of the beat in Jaipur. Vegetarian options are available here. Grilled and roasted items must be tried.

IMG-20170315-WA0055           IMG-20170315-WA0054

IMG-20170308-WA0143 IMG-20170308-WA0165 IMG-20170308-WA0132 2

The place is run by Three Brothers RaghuRaj , Lalit Singh,&Ravindra  Singh & His  an efficient team and the orders are placed on your table in time. Coming finally to the pricing, the place is quite reasonable compared to every other place in the Jaipur. Sepoy Is located at JLN Marg Jaipur

IMG-20170315-WA0047               IMG-20170315-WA0048


The Army Lounge & Restaurant

C-10. Lal Bhadur , Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, OPP.WTP, Jaipur


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