Art and craft, it’s a beautiful moment when an artist capture in their paintings. It describes a lot of variety of activities involving creating or developing things with one’s own hand. Tasleem Jamal, a creative artist belongs to Gadi village, Banswara. Gadi, it’s a small town with people of conservative mind. Banswara is known for tribal heritage and culture. she has a small family. She is not dependent and completed her graduation and post-graduation from PSP College in Gadi, Banswara.

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When she decided to work on art and craft, her family was not agreed. She had faces many problems with her career. In the town firstly, she was not accepted by her family, friends and society still she never gave up on her dreams. Today’s time she is independent and unmarried. For Ten years she is in this field and she loves her work very much. She said, her work is her passion. She wants to do freelance in her future. In this field she faces many good and bad experiences. The best compliment she got from a great Artist Khaitan Ji, purchased her two paintings and told her that she will become a famous artist.
When she was not accepted by her family, society, sometimes she got upset but she is a fighter and learnt things from society and became an artist. After got National award she was accepted by her family, society even they all proud of her. She teaches many students with free of charge/cost of her village only. She is a very kind and hardworking girl with fully dedication for her work.


She influence by the atmosphere/ environment /nature of her village. she always create paintings related to nature, her village, surroundings. She is working with acrylic, oil, charcoal, ink and different print techniques. She loves to listening music, singing, classical dance. She creates art for herself not for others.

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She has participated in exhibitions in the Jaipur, Delhi, Dubai etc. Presently she is working with Jairangam for 7 days in which she creates two paintings. One of is about Dreamland series that is all about her dreams, different elements and imaginary life involving only two color i.e. Black and White. The second one is relate to her village, according to their atmosphere, nature, environment, their relation between animal and peoples. Animals are like family in her village especially Cow, is the most precious part of their life. This painting is fulfill with many bright colors. After finished Jairangam she will be move for Delhi. The cost of her painting in India, minimum to maximum is 20 k to 30k and the cost of outside India (foreign) is 2lac or 3lac. She is the youngest one in her family. She is unmarried and independent girl who live in her own dreams. She is a successful, creative artist.

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