“Actors Theater @ Rajasthan” will organize 30 days acting workshops from August 25 at Jawahar Kala Kendra. Under the direction of Senior Fellow Dr Chandradeep Hada, the festival will be organized from 10 am to 1 pm. In this workshop, priority will be given to the new students of theatre and detailed work will be done on theatre pure and practical with an initial study of theatre in which Bharat Muni’s Acting Theory Steka, Acting Bolt’s Epic Theater and Stage Craft Physical Exercise, Yoga with Alignment Details, Meditation Theater Games, Theater Techniques Camera Facing, Auditions etc. will be prominent. A full play will also be staged at the conclusion of the workshop.

Workshop director Dr Chandradeep told that since the year 2010, our Sargaman has been organizing workshops continuously in different parts of Jaipur city. In these last 13 years, we have successfully organized more than 70 off-line and on-line theater workshops in which theater students have studied and participated. Dr. Chandradeep Hada also informed that by organizing theater workshops regularly in Jaipur city, we are cooperating in creating an educational environment of theatre so that the talents of the state continue to get proper encouragement.

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