‘Jaipur Explore’ wishes You all Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2017
Each year, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on the full moon day during Chaitra month. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman – the Vanara God who played an important part in Ramayana and is a devotee of Lord Rama. Although there are more days that Hanuman Jayanti is followed during the year according to the beliefs and customs of different regions, Hanuman Jayanti during the Chaitra Purnima is the most significant one in north Indian states. Hanuman Jayanti 2017 is especially beneficial for people who have some Sade-Saati in their horoscope that is seven-and-a-half years of a difficult period. Thus, people whose horoscopes are influenced by the adverse effects of Shani or Saturn will benefit by praying to Lord Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti 2017. Scroll down for the Muhurat Timings of Hanuman Jayanti 2017.
'Jaipur Explore' wishes You all Happy Hanuman Jayanti 2017
Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival of Hindus. Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy. Hanuman is said to be able to assume any form at will, wield rocks, move mountains, dart through the air, seize the clouds and rival Garuda in swiftness of flight. He is worshiped as a deity with magical powers and the ability to conquer evil spirits.
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