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This is a comprehensive constructive theatrical expression as play Eklavya. This is an equilibrium situation between content and characters expression, creating aesthetical diagonal action in our humane geographic. The play Eklavya is an evidence of it. This plays seed in 2006 at Sawaimadhopur district of Rajasthan. It started with 3-minute theatrical installation work and has gradually grown into a 65-minute full-length drama today with adverse theatre runners of various geographies of the nation. The participating theatre runners mainly co0mes from Dhundhar region of Rajasthan and also different states of the country such as Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Suppose you desired to get a good education and you belong to such a family who has its own autonomy anymore. Whose autonomy gas has been crushed by golden shoes of history. Your desire to get a good education is transformed into a dire need to break an impossible embankment. You start a quest for a guide, for a teacher for the journey ahead. The excitement of meeting the teacher and attainment of the knowledge keeps burning you like a lamp.And then that same desired mentor establishes dogmas while bowling out that ignited lamp. Then what will you do? What will you say? Going just the streams, you start your own search of knowledge.At certain periods of time, that same teacher claims that your knowledge is inspired by him. I have the sole right to your knowledge. Hence, you have to pay for it. Then what dialogue will you have with that Acharya (mentor) or that situation behind the mask of the Acharya? What will you do when history overshadow your present?

This play is a process, an endeavor towards the direction of establishing a thread dialogue from past to present time. The play presentation “Eklavya” unveils a fragment of those endless questions which are suppressed under the crowd of daily life. It exposes the dilemma of dialogue. It sings the soul-song of the period of the exuberant grand summit of technology and economics.

To some extent, a small part of the play ‘Eklavya’ is influenced by Mahabharata of Ved Vyasa. This plays opens a dialogue on the conventional, lifeless education system teachers. It exposes the character of tradition and dogmas. This Dialogue attacks the Rishi Manu’s fort of morality. It tries to establish a dialogue beyond ethical and unethical. Hence, it results in across the board dialogue. This play presentation is not meant to disappear among the applause but probes the circumstances like “Eklavya and Drona” on drama stage. The main characters of this probe are Eklavya and Drona; two opposite position. One is eager and infinitely working to change his history and the second one, who is proficient in war-tactics, is obsessive about his dogmas, becoming the zenith of discreetness and malice.

On stage Aman Tasera, Abhay Rathore, Bishan Badoliya, Chitranjan Nama, Deepak Kumar, Divya Choudhary, Mukesh Tharwan, Mohit Vaishnav, Ram Ratan Gungahlin, Ravi Rumar Pathak, Ravi Chawla.

Asst. Musician is Chouthmal Saini

Light-Sayan& Deepak Kumar

Costume Designer by Raina Raha Rajak

Set Properties- Deepak, Aman, Nilesh, and Bhanu

Properties– Ravi Chawla& Ravi Kumar Path

Video Documentation by Arijit Sen

Brochure Design by Sayan

Artistic Support by Community Theatre Team Work and

Support for Construction by Azim Premji Foundation Tonk

Note: This event will be organized on 29th December 2017 in Jaipur at J.K.K.



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