Eid in India reminds us of our unique oneness. “Our diverse culture is what makes us different, and Eid is a testimony to this,
Another Ramadan has passed and it has been tough as usual but a blessing nevertheless. The festival is a great occasion to salute the soul-nourishing, unmatched diversity of India that wipes out all prejudices and makes us so proud. Looking one month ahead before Ramadan begins might fill one with a feeling that a month is very, very long and we wonder how it will be possible to endure all the temptations during that time.


The 30 days fasting is over and the Muslim people worldwide have the common goal to celebrate this day with great joy. It’s the day of new moon after one month of the great fasting of Ramadan. This event symbolizes the purification after completing the Ramzan (Ramadan) fasting. A whole month is giving us time for handling our ups and downs because they come, no doubt about that. Ramadan is a time for reflection, it takes time for new habits to sink in and for old ones to disappear. We don’t come out like innocent newborn children at Eid-al-Fitr but hopefully, our souls are a bit cleaner than before. The purpose of Ramadan is to make us implement the new and better habits, our way of thinking and acting so we will please God. To begin the Eid al Fitr, the Muslim would wake up very early and complete the first daily prayer then eat small meals together as it symbolizes the end of Ramadan. Then they gather in a special congregational prayer held in mosques or large open areas like fields or stadiums and arenas. When we greet each other and say Eid Mubarak let that not be only empty words without any substance. Take your time to look your friends and family in the eye and show them that you really mean what you are saying. Let them see the love of God, let them hear in your voice that you wish your fellow human being the best; blessings from God.

eid mubarak

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