The freezing weather not withstanding Jaipur is awash with lots of hectic activity to prepare for the arrival of the harvest festival – Lohri. It is celebrated on 13 January every year on the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti.

The Lohri Festival is held in the capital city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. The Lohri Festival is a festival which has its link with the solar year. Usually it is an established fact that this festival is celebrated in order to worship fire. The Festival of Lohri in Jaipur is mainly a happy occasion for the couples who celebrate Lohri for the first time after their marriage. The Lohri is also observed when a son is born in the family for the first time.

Lohri is associated with many fables and folklore, it is said that Lohri has derived its name from Loi, the wife of Sant Kabir. It is also believed that Holika and Lohri were sisters while Holika perished in the Holi fire, Lohri survived and is celebrated during the Lohri festival.

The most famous legend is of Dulla Bhatti, a Robin Hood like robber who lived in the times of King Akbar, he used to help the poor and save their daughters from being sold as slaves and get them married into good families and provide dowry for their marriage. Lohri is the occasion to remember Dulla Bhatti and thank him for his deeds. This folk-song  explains the deeds and actions of Dulla Bhatti and his association with Lohri:

Sunder Mundarie Hoy!

Tera ki Vichara, Hoy!

Tera Dulla Bhatti ho!

Ser shakar pai ho!”

Meaning – Dulla got his daughter married and gave her a kilo of sugar as a marriage gift.

According to geography, the Earth leans towards the Sun along the Tropic of Capricorn, or the Makara Rekha from the days which follows the Lohri Festival of Jaipur. This is known as the Winter Solstice. The Earth is, at this point of time, farthest from the Sun, and starts its journey towards the Sun along its elliptical orbit. This announces the onset of spring season. This is the most awaited transition time which is celebrated as Lohri in northern India, Makara Sankranti in the central part of the country and as Pongal Sankranti in southern India.

The houses are decorated with lights, parties are planned and celebrations start with the traditional blessings of elders. The modern Jaipur combines the Dhol music and traditional dances with some peppy hit bollywood numbers to their more ethnic songs and dances.  A large number of families also turn it into a huge party with a communal bonfire and parties. It is an occasion to share your joy and blessing with loved ones.

Whichever name is given to the occasion, the Lohri Festival carries only one message – the courage of oneness and the union of brotherhood should reign in spite of all obstacles.

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