• Smart City Mission Launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in June 2015


• Target of 100 Cities to be developed as Smart Cities in India


• Mission Period 2015-2020 (5 years)


• Rs 100 Cr per city for 5 years to be given as grant by GOI


• Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota & Ajmer (4 Cities) of Rajasthan among the list of 97 Cities to be developed as Smart Cities


• Selection of Cities through competition after evaluation of the Smart City Proposals (SCP)prepared through Intense Citizen Consultation by the Cities by a Panel of Experts put in place by MoUD ,GOI


• The SCP to be Implemented through a dedicated SPV through 2 strategic ways of development i) Area Based Development(ABD) ii) Pan City Development


• Area Based Development further is sub divided into 3 components


• Retrofitting: Planning & Development in existing built up area


• Redevelopment: Replacing of Existing Built environment


• Greenfield: Development of a Vacant Area


• Pan City Development: application of selected Smart Solutions to the existing city-wide infrastructure.




All the four Smart Cities namely Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota & Ajmer from Rajasthan have been selected under Smart Cities Mission.


— Total investment plan approved by MoUD: Rs 7025 Cr


Jaipur – Rs 2401 Cr Ajmer – Rs 1947 Cr


Udaipur – Rs 1221 Cr Kota – Rs 1456 Cr




— The SPV for Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota & Ajmer namely Jaipur Smart City Ltd (JSCL), Udaipur Smart City Ltd (USCL), Kota Smart City Ltd (KSCL) &Ajmer Smart City Ltd (ASCL) have been incorporated under the Company’s Act 2013.


— M/s Eptisa Serviceos SL (Spanish Company) for Jaipur, Udaipur & Ajmer and M/s Royal Haskoning DHV for Kota have been appointed as the Project Management Consultants (PMC).


— Human Resource of SPV for all four Smart cities i.e. CEO, Addl. CEO, CFO, CS, SE & EE are in place.


— Rs. 194.00 Cr as Ist installment from GoI has been received for Jaipur & Udaipur separately and transferred to Jaipur Smart City Ltd & Udaipur Smart City Ltd. along with matching GoR share (Rs. 120.00 Cr).


— Rs. 91.00 Cr & Rs 92.00 Cr as part of 1st installment from GoI has been received for Kota & Ajmer respectively and transferred to Kota Smart City Ltd & Ajmer Smart City Ltd. along with matching GoR share of Rs. 54.60 Cr & 55.20 Cr respectively.

Smart City Proposals at a glance:




The total project Proposals of the SCP: Rs. 2401 Cr.


• Area Based Development (ABD): Rs. 1582 Cr.


• Pan City Proposal: Rs. 819 cr.


• Area Based Development: Retrofitting Model: The area comprising of Walled city area of either side of the axis between Badichopad&ChotiChopad& extended to include Albert Museum totalling 600 Acres.


Major Sectors considered:-


• Sustainable Mobility Corridors


• Heritage & Tourism


• Smart Civic Infrastructure


• Pan City Proposal :-


• Multi Modal Public Transit Central Operation & Management centre


• Smart Mobility card


• Solid Waste Management


• Public Information System

Source of information : RAJASTHAN Government Urban Portal

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