Jaipur Explore delighted to introduce Dr. Anita Gautam as guest blogger. Dr. Anita Gautam (Counsultant Psychiatrist.,Gautam Hospital & Research Center).

Dr. Anita Gautam Counsultant Psychiatrist (2)

Convener of Specialty Section of Perenatal Psychiatry of Indian Psychiatric Society.  She Specialized in Child and Women Mental Health. Awarded at National level for research paper in Psychiatry. Frequently invited in various TV channels as Expert guest to give views on several social issues like child abuse,  women sexual abuse, child psychology,  suicide, stress management exam stress etc. She Organised free health checkup camps for elderly, workshop for students, old people,  women and she work as a part of team of Gautam Hospital & Research Center for overall mental wellbeing of society.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Anita Gautam who is stepping down as Guest Blogger. Her efforts in the last few years have been crucial to the mental health  development.

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