Women is wonderful and beautiful creation of God. She is main pillar of society and plays different role efficiently in her life. Yet studies shows that depression and stress is twice as in females than male. And this stress effect the quality life of women.

Whats is stress :-

Stress is psychophysiological reaction of mind and body to any change or real or imagined danger. There is release of complex mixture of hormones and chemicals result in certain body reaction.


The reason being the physical and mental configuration of women. Women experience hormone fluctuation more than male.  In fact every month during menstruation, level of oestrogen dip, which make her cranky, irritable and more stressful.  After menopause there is fall in female hormone oestrogen which leads to post menopausal depression, and other problems. Women is main caretaker of family. She is expected to be perfect as wife, as daughter, as mother and as career women. In her efforts to balance her life she stresses out herself.

Warning signs of stress

Physical Symptoms:

Palpitations or faster heart beat or chest pain, Low energy, Headaches, Upset stomach, including diarrhoea, constipation and nausea, Aches, pains, and tense muscles, Insomnia or sleep disturbance, Loss of sexual desire and/or ability, Nervousness and shaking, ringing in the ear, Cold or sweaty hands and feet, Excess sweating, Dry mouth and difficulty swallowing and Rise in blood pressure

Psychological Symptoms:

Inability to relax, Irritability and short tempered, Poor memory and concentration, Reduction in performance, Emotional burst out and Impulsive behaviour

How to fight stress

First of all do not fix yourself in pictur perfect. Accept it that everybody has flaws. Know your strength and accept your weakness. Learn to say “NO” in assertive, polite and tactful manners.

Don’t overload yourself with responsibilities which you can’t handle. Its time to do “smart work” not “hard work”. Delegate work at home and at your work place. Don’t feel bad in seeking help from your husband, mother in law or kids in household activities.

Make a point to spend quality time with your family. Let every member to speak up how his day was. This simple gesture of sharing your feelings can sort out many things. This in fact increases bonding between family members, parents and children, husband and wife.

If you are in stress than take deep breath. Deep breathing or pranayama is one of the best ways to lower stress as it sends a message to brain to calm down and relax.

Whenever you feel low, go in sunlight, spread your arms and take deep breath. It will defiantly help you. Going out in sunlight in morning  give signal to your brain to wake up and be alert.

Listening your favourite songs  make you happy. Music is relatively inexperienced, quick acting solution which has ability to lighten up our mood.It affects our subconscious mind where risky negative thoughts feed on our fear and foul the fire of stress.

Cherish your friendship. Sharing your thoughts to your best friends is great stress relieving medicine so always have friends in your life, be with them and for them.

Healthy mind lives in healthy body. So take time for yourself. Include exercise is daily routine. Yoga and meditation bring body to complete relaxation, decrease adrenaline secretion and make mind calm and free. Eat healthy food like almonds, milk, oranges, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and lots of water drink.

For the brain to work properly, it needs 7-8 hrs proper sleep. Because sleep disturbance may decrease concentration, memory, decision power and may end up in increasing stress. So follow regular daily schedule, even on weekends. Never use tea/coffee near bed time, avoid alcohol and switch off screens (laptop, gadgets, phone, TV  ½ hrs before sleep time).

Everybody has 24 hours, so set your priorities, and first thing should be done first. Don’t do many things at a time, one work at one time with full attention. Organise your things to be away from unnecessary stress. A balance of activities, proper sleep, healthy diet, healthy life style, yoga and meditation and keep an eye on your short term and long term goal with proper time management will make you not only stress free but lead to a positive and purposeful life.

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