This year, for 2017, the World Health Organization is focusing on depression for World Health Day. Its goal is to make the general public more aware of depression, its causes and that it can be treated.

dr. AnitaHere’s a look at the Dr. Anita Gautam’s Blog for this year’s World Health Day.

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Depression is a medical condition which affects a person’s physical & mental health. Nowadays it is leading cause of disability worldwide. So this year WHO on world Health Day 7th April 2017 keep the theme “DEPRESSION –Let’s Talk” to spread awareness about depression and remove stigma & taboo attached to it.
Yes, Human is an emotional being and it is right for him to feel sad and lonely time to time. But when this feeling of low mood, sadness persists for a longer period and sometime without any apparent reason, then it may be depression.
A study done by WHO 2013 shows that about 350 million people worldwide are suffering from depression (about 5% of total people) Women have a higher rate of depression than men almost as twice as male. Female have greater proportion of somatic symptoms (appetite and sleep disturbance, fatigue, body ache)

How to diagnosis depression:-

1. Depressed mood-   Feeling of low mood, sadness, emptiness or anxiety, feeling blue or worthless most of the day.

2. Loss of interest or pleasure-  Person don’t seek happiness in those things which he earlier enjoyed a lot, like spending time with friends and family. He lost his ability to feel joy and pleasure. Don’t want to go out or do usual past time, social activities or sex. He become somewhat cut off from society and spend most of the time alone. It becomes a burden for him to do his daily routine.

3. Significant appetite or weight change-  There may be a loss of appetite or even increases in appetite. In depression craving for glucose increase and may leads to increase in weight, so if there is a sudden change in weight (upto 5%) in the recent day then we have to look for reasons. 

4. Insomnia or hypersomnia- Person may complain of trouble sleeping, especially early morning awakening and multiple awakening at night during which they keep on thinking about their problem.
5. Lowered Activity- There is decreased in activity. He avoids all routine daily activities. Their work piled up but they don’t feel like doing and completing the thing. Sometimes in old age, there may be agitation like hair pulling.
6. Fatigue or loss of energy- There is always feeling of tiredness, body ache, pain, not enough power or energy to complete or initiate the thing. “mujse kam nahi hoga”. Inner motivation which drives a person to do things is lacking.
7. Feeling of hopelessness- When the person started blaming himself for everything and have a negative outlook towards himself, his future and world. He has feeling that he cannot control or do anything to improve the situation.

8. Impairment in thinking, concentration or decision- Person cannot decide any simple situation and there is always a dilemma what to do next.

9. Recurrent thought of death and suicide-When there is suicidal ideas and person has feeling that life is not worth living then it is an emergency situation and we have to take actions immediately.

How to cope with depression-
Healthy lifestyle- Daily exercise about 20-30 min increase oxygen level in brain & decreased depression causing hormones in the brain. Healthy and balanced diet including green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, citrus fruits which increases antioxidants in the brain which helps to fight depression. Lastly good sleep of 7-8 hours per day increase concentration, memory, and immunity of the body.
Feel good- Feeling happy and trying to elevate low mood actually do wonder. So whenever you feel not so good, listen to your favorite song, or call your best friend and open your heart in front of him. Sharing your problem which best friends or family members, solves a lot of problems.
Yoga and meditation- It signal brain to calm down, relax and decreased depression causing hormones.
Saying positive things to yourself- Every morning look in the mirror and says to yourself “I can do it, I love myself and I can handle any situation,” This thought act in your subconscious mind and give you the power to fight the world.
Organize yourself, manage your time and don’t step away from problems. Face them and try to resolve them. Lastly, if there are recurrent suicidal ideas and symptoms present for longer period seek the help of professionals and try to beat depression as soon as possible because ignoring thing will only worsen them.

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