Ranjeet Singh Rathore Graduated with LLB honors from Brunel University London, having gained considerable experience in political campaigning, speech writing, and public speaking; as well as leadership experience.

He has gained extensive experience in both participating in, and managing, election campaigns; having been successfully elected President and Chair of the Trustee Board of the Union of Brunel Students and Campaigns Co-ordinator in the Labour and Conservative Party.

As a passionate individual who thrives on working using his own initiative, He has excellent (multi-lingual) communication and interviewing skills, and quickly empathizes with people, working fast to produce ambitious and bold results.

Ranjeet went to London for his graduation in 2015 and won the hearts of the international students who helped him in his election campaign. Ranjeet’s family and friends are extremely proud of his success.

Furthermore, He has frequently spoken and appeared on BBC, Sky News, CNBC as a regular contributor on issues surrounding the student movement, education sector, and international political issues.

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