JE People Stylewatch is a different experience for everyone. It focusses on local Places including designers, photographers, speakers, models, hairdressers, makeup artists, media, communication, and yes, even bloggers! Jaipur Explore gives many people an opportunity to showcase their talents and participate in a highly professional and organised event. Sumit DasGupta signing up as mentors who’ll provide aspiring agents with styling advice and inspiration should they need to up their dapper factor. Self-made talented Fashion Designer who has passion as well as a great talent for fashion designing and glamorous world.


Sumit Dasgupta

“I’ve been fortunate to receive some fantastic advice over the years which has encouraged me to break out and start new ventures such as my brewery business,” says Sumit. I have learned in my life and people who are there with me always made me say that never stop dreaming of life as it’s your dreams only who keep you or make you stand in front line always. And that what makes the difference. “It’s my hope that by working with JE People Stylewatch, we’ll be able to inspire future generations to believe they can do anything they set their mind too. we all deal with adversity. So “live your Dreams” is my quote for all you lovely people out there.”
Sorbomangala By Fashion Designer Sumit Dasgupta




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