Are you ready for a flavor explosion in your mouth?

‘BIRA RI Baithak’ have amazing food and great service.the service is great and the people who working here are uber friendly and thoughtful. Excellent restaurant with all different types of cuisine , nice decor, friendly service.
It’s quite an unexpectedly upscale sort of interior–not what you would expect from the restaurant in the Jaipur. If you’re not sure what to get, ask! The staff is helpful and friendly and has great suggestions for anyone curious about trying new dishes.Best food you will have in ‘Bira I Baithak’! It is so flavorful and tasted high quality. One of those who likes foods and has tried many restaurants Good news for that You found this restaurant ! Foods are full of flavor. Its B.R.B. Promise you will be their regular customer for the fantastic foods and excellent service!!! the chai tea, too! Usually, chai tea isn’t anything special/it’s just an add-on or something, but this chai is actually really good!

Book Party halls suitable for accommodating 1-50-people guests in Jaipur. Simply contact to B.R.B. and give them a chance to help you will find the best Party hall.
Best for hosting most affordable Hall: Birthday Party, Party or Celebration, music & entertainment, Office Party, Business Meeting, Board Meeting, Conference,Engagement Party, Sangeet, Conference, Party or Celebration.

Bira Ri Baithak Jaipur - Cafe Disco Lounge (1) Bira Ri Baithak Jaipur - Cafe Disco Lounge (2) Bira Ri Baithak Jaipur - Cafe Disco Lounge (3) Bira Ri Baithak Jaipur - Cafe Disco Lounge (4)

When you enter in BIRA RI Baithak , you will know it’s the real deal because it is loud, the guys in the kitchen are working hard, and the wonderful smells of cooked food and spices fill your senses. nevertheless, the incredibly affordable prices and generous servings will keep you coming back for more.

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