The Dream of Rachna Rathore; Dream to empower and develop skills of all Rajput ladies.
There can be numerous words to describe a mother, SUPERHUMAN maybe one! Hence, It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a small initiative that is growing its boundaries each day and is called the ‘Rajput Mothers Group’. Started in 2015 by Rachna Rathore, the RAMG, as it is fondly called was born out of an idea to bring together Rajput women from all over the world and to help the community. Starting with about 40 Women, this group has grown since to 10,000 plus members, uniting every one not only in India but bridging together those overseas as well. At RAMG we believe in teamwork. We are only receiving donations from our members for all our events, campaigns and community programs. The dedication,  commitment and the time our members give to our events and campaigns are truly commendable. Rajputs have a rich history in culture, valour, integrity, and courageousness, and RAMG aims to give back by providing opportunities for girls and women in their community. It is the education for the girl child that is primary for a strong future. The foundation wishes to empower women, encourage leadership qualities, be self-reliant and give them the confidence to be self-dependent if the situation arises. Currently, we are working towards providing various platforms for education, employment, and opportunities to improve their lives. The RAMG engages in research and annual evaluations to get a sense of where it can help. In  2017, we organised an extremely successful Art Show, ‘ART 10’ in Jaipur, for Rajput women to showcase their talent. This event was very well attended and the artists were able to showcase their work at the Harvard University later in the year. Maruni, The Pride of Marwar, 2018 Jodhpur: This talent show was dedicated to introducing talented women from our community to give them a wonderful platform to show their creativity, their talent and their innovative ideas to make a lasting social change. 267, Gopalbari, Near PWD Dak Banglow, Jaipur WW.RAJPUTMOTHERSFOUNDATION.ORG
The initiatives;
Medical Camps: A medical camp was organised in a village near Jodhpur, where more than 250 patients received medical attention. A similar Medical camp was organised in Mumbai, where a hundred and fifty Rajput mothers got together to organise this initiative. The following summaries’ the  number of people who received treatment: Mumbai – 200 Patients, Ahmadabad – 250 patients, Jodhpur – 500 Patients. Mentorship Programme: To raise the quality of education, this year we started Girls Mentorship Programme where 50 Mentors are providing the best guidance to our 35-fulltime girl scholars and supporting all their educational needs with their tuition fees. Sanitary Pads Making Machine Installation Gujarat: RAMG donated Sanitary Pads Making Machine in Kshatriya Chatralay for Girls, Bhuj. Skill Development Camps. Skill development programs by Rajput Mothers Foundation focuses on eradication of unemployment and poverty. Counselling Sessions for High Education and Career. Another programme worth mentioning was organised in Jaipur and Jodhpur where both Rajput boys and girls were given the opportunity to explore various career options through a career counselling session. Heritage Walk –  Jaipur/Jodhpur  Group believes, heritage walks are the best way to learn and recognize our culture, tradition, philosophy, myths and associated rituals with them. We encourage our young generation to join us in such event to know more about our history and heritage. We all believe that uniting women from all over the globe and bringing a positive change in their thoughts and lives is a big change. We are trying to Provide a platform and instilling confidence that they can come forward with their talents should have a good impact on our society. Women the world over are multi-tasking and leading from the front, and so, The Rajput mothers’ group works to encourage ladies to take initiative and to come out of their shell, this if successful should bring about a big change! The emphasis of our foundation is to provide a platform for women to discover their skills and instil a confidence in them that they may not have or may have forgotten with time. To be Positive, reliant and self-dependent, not only for themselves but for their families as well. History is witness to the immense strength and determination women can have if they want to achieve their goal. The Rajput others’ group hopes that through their foundation they can bring some sunshine and happiness into the lives of many!
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