Jaipur Explore’s CEO Vikram Singh Rathore special coverage of ‘Agni Kula Band’ Live show At ‘Bira Ri Baithak’

 A great Show to see in Bira Ri Baithakon Saturday. Agni Kula  was amazing. Vocals were great. Rahul personality was very personable. Just a fantastic show. Would recommend this show to everyone.This was  2nd time seeing All Shook Up. It was just as good as the first time. You wont be disappointed seeing this show. It is located in a small venue with only about . You are so close to the stage. You would think Rahul was on stage singing it was so real.  This is one of the best shows in ‘Bira Ri Baithak’. It was a very entertaining show!  Agni Kula  was Good and sung well too! You are allowed to take photos and videos during the show. He does a meet and greet after the show, so you can have your photo taken with him.


When Jaipur Explore’CEO Vikram Asked to Bira Ri Baithak’ owner Shakti Rathore about the show, He said : Music programs of Agni Kula are broadcast weekly at Bira Ri Baithak, with all artists performing on the shows to promote their music. The Agni Kula Show is about the creation and enjoyment of music. Agni Kula next show On Sunday 27th November 2016 from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm


‘LET’S HELP’ ‘M.A. Memorial Trust’s  Trustee Mr. Mohd, Sayeed was also came to listen Agni Kula Band, when Vikram Asked to him about Band

He also added :I’m not fond of Music show, but I here with 3 other who really love his music. I have to say by the end even I was up, singing and enjoy the show. Not only does this guy, have the looks, the moves, the voice of Rahul. He managed to bring out his personality and persona.


CRCJ Club’ Founder ShivRaj added:

We all had a great time. You can take photos and videos during the show. How often is that allowed now-a-days? And afterwards,  a truly great show. I actually spent a few hours with the real Rahul in his last Show. Rahul in All Shook Up is excellent. I closed my eyes and heard the real Rahul singing. Had a fantastic time. The band and Rahul were also excellent.


Mr. Sameer added to Vikram : This shows combines it all, great impersonator, wonderful voice, young and Rahul,  and rocking band (loved the lead guitarist, such enthusiasm). If you want to see Rahul Tribute show, this is the one to see! All of Agni Kula’ hits were done and done to perfection. You won’t be disappointed!


If you’re a Music lover, then you HAVE to absolutely go see this show!!! We had an awesome time, this guy has been rated the #1 Rahul Impersonator in the Jaipur! I mean he stays in character the whole time his singing is out of this world. They also incorporate comedy while he sing. He engages the crowd! I swear this is the closest you’ll get to the real thing. We absolutely loved it!!! I totally recommend it! Oh yeah and you can take pictures with him after, that was bonus!


The show is terrific. He does a great Rahul, his live, three piece band is spot on. If you go to Bira Ri Baithak, you cannot miss this. The venue is good and the people working there seemed  Cute, . His performance is that good.


We loved it, it was so personal, only a small theatre so the atmosphere was great. His voice was far better than others we had seen. We took photos, and videos of him.The band backing him were also very talented and great fun.


Absolutely brilliant show. Very entertaining with lots of interaction with audience.

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