Bal Sambal  Home for Children began as a dream in the heart of a Panchsheel Jain. Panchsheel Jain dream was energized in his childhood with his mother’s Motivation and took inspiration from his father’s social life and he build his orphanage.  Panchsheel Jain named the orphanage “Bal Sambal” opened on 2006 with 6 orphaned children,Now  Bal Sambal serves approximately more than 40 children in their residential program. Panchsheel Jain’ belief “that God so willed and would, therefore, support the endeavor”.

Core Values of Bal sambal

 Bal Sambal”believe each child is created in the image of God, worthy of love, respect, and redemption. They value the children entrusted to their care and commit themselves to providing the very best possible services to each individual who comes to “Bal Sambal”. Panchsheel Jain  believe each child should be given the opportunity to grow up in a family.  They also affirm their responsibility to build upon and facilitate the strengths of each family they serve.

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Because they firmly believe in the value of lifelong education, “Bal Sambal” works in the public school system and provide the children and in their care with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in their academic and vocational endeavors. The Learning Center is a vital part of the academic support Bal Sambal provides for each child. In addition, They seek to provide enrichment programs that incorporate music, art, and drama into the life of each child.

Leisure Time & Recreation

At Bal Samball, They believe that teaching successful living means teaching their children the skills they need to properly balance work and play. In order to instill these valuable life lessons, Their children are taught to take pride in their homes and rooms by completing daily or weekly household chores, helping to maintain hostal grounds.  Both personal leisure time and group activities are a part of everyday life at Bal Sambal. In fact, Bal Sambal takes pride in having an on-campus recreational center devoted to supporting fun and safe recreational activities for children of all ages. A Bedminton court,Table Tennis, Cricket,Archery,Gymnastics, Basketball court, Football court,  and other outdoor facilities are located on Bal Sambal’s campus, Family Teachers encourage their children to develop creative outlets and pursue individual interests in music, art, sports, theatre and more.

Bal Sambal Mission

Bal Sambal for Children is a joyful home, offering hope and wholeness to children and families. Its goals are to provide loving homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children, to offer an opportunity for healing by providing proper healthcare and mental health counseling for every Bal Sambal child, and to offer Bal Sambal’s children hope for a successful future by providing educational support and teaching self-advocacy.

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