Situated near the beautiful and alluring Chambal River, Abheda Mahal serves as a great spot for the purpose of sight-seeing. If someone is visiting the education city Kota, a short visit to this palace is a must. Established by Ummed Maharaj, the Abheda Mahal is historically very important and has many interesting stories behind the construction.

Abheda mahal is constructed very beautifully and intelligently and consists of a beautiful pond which has enormous numbers of beautiful lotus flowers and turtles. One can see the beautiful image of the Abheda Mahal palace in the pond which is a very satisfying view for the tourists. It serves as a great place for picnics and photography.

For nature lovers and bird watchers, Abheda Mahal serves as the perfect spot as one can find rare migrant birds from August to March. Inside the palace, there is a museum which has a great collection of amazing sculptures, Rajput miniature paintings, frescoes and armory. Also there are rich repository of artistic gadgets used by the Kota rulers which are rare and a great historical inventory.

The museum inside Abheda Mahal is one of a very important museums of the country and should not be missed by the tourists when they visit here. The lush green garden, the picturesque location and the beautiful pond are the great attractions of this place and it has been developed and maintained beautifully. Visitors can also enjoy boating in the pond. Overall this places is a great spot to visit and it definitely gives glimpses of the great history of Rajasthan to the visitors.

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JE Kota Editor
JE Kota Editor

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