Monsoons are beautiful. They bring along scenic views, lovely weather and also give rise to your food cravings. Every time the heavens open up and it starts pouring, your usual food cravings receive a rainy boost. The chill which the rain brings invariably induces a craving for some lip-smacking crunchy food and a cup of freshly brewed chai. Rain certainly makes desi food taste 10x better, for some reason. A hot cutting chai and crispy pakodas always make the sight of rain even more beautiful. But not only these, there are several other favourite monsoon snacks such as the hot samosas and kachoris, the sizzling rich delicacies, bhuttas (corn), etc.

Jaipur is a place to satisfy all your rainy season food cravings. Do not miss these all-time favourite monsoon snacks while you are in the city of Jaipur.

Walled city pakore wala

Right across Katla is Manak Chowk and the immensely popular dal ke pakode wala. Santosh Agarwal serves spicy hot pakodas in every season next to mandir Shree Jhande wale Ganesh ji. The kiosk is as old as 40 years, every morning to evening they plop their freshly fried goods into mountainous piles of steaming fresh snacks. These deep-fried dal ke pakode are extremely spicy and served with fresh spicy green chutney.

Address: Near Hawa Mahal

Daal Cheela

Dal Cheela is an Indianised form of pancakes but with added spices and tastier ingredients. You will find a lot of small stalls in the city selling Dal Cheelas made of urad dal and moong dal. The crispy dal cheela combined with sauces and chutneys is just the kind of food you need on a rainy evening.

Address: Kolkata Chat Bhandaar, C-Scheme, Ashok Nagar

Jalebi with Kulhad Doodh

If you are not fond of having tea or coffee on a monsoon evening, then you might enjoy kulhad doodh with hot jalebis. The mere sight of fried and crispy jalebis wrapped in the sugar syrup would make your worries go away and will fill your heart with happiness. There are several sweets shops in Jaipur to enjoy jalebis and other desserts.

Address: Saras Parlour, Jagatpura Road

Apart from these above-mentioned snacks to enjoy in Jaipur during monsoon, you should definitely try the coffee neat the statue circle of Jaipur. It’s a small dairy shop that remains crowded, especially in the evenings. Besides, you will also find various stalls selling Bhuttas (corn sticks) brushed up with spices and salts that are perfect for the rainy evenings, especially if you are taking a long drive in the hills.

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