His success did not come from luck, not even skill or talent but one thing in common….He worked very hard and he never gave up! It is just that simple. Achieving your goals can be hard. Sometimes life will hit you right where it hurts and you may find yourself at rock bottom.


Born to a poor family in Jaipur, Kabir Khan Aka Ahsan is an accomplished youth, which allowed him to go to school. After schooling, he initially worked as a salesman for pens, and then as a guide for Amber Tourists.

Kabir had to work harder than many of us. Actually, during all school duration, he had difficulty learning in a traditional teaching method and his teachers used to tell him that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. Maybe this short story will wipe off your thought about the luck Kabir Khan Aka Ahsan in your head as you used to think.

In spite of his troubles and failures, Kabir never stopped pursuing his dream.

He is now one of the most successful and influential and inspiring people in the Hathi Gaon, not only having a Good skill of many languages, but also Guide, and having a good leadership quality.

But if we can learn anything from his story, it’s not that success comes from sending as many CVs and cover letters as you can in a day. It identifies what you love, then bangs away at it like a relentless idiot until something brilliant happens.


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