vikram  By: Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya (Editor-in-Chief)

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every mother on this planet

An overwhelming majority of people out there have had the privilege to grow up with a loving mother, myself included, and we tend to quickly get used to seeing my mother perform her role admirably.
My mother’s struggle was a long, slow battle with time. Growing up, I was never without affection from my mother. There was always a kiss on a bruised knee or a hug “just because.”
I also had a smart, loving father. But after Father’s Death My mother been my Father. My mother wants nothing more than to see the warm smiles on my face, have fun with me and talk about all kinds of things.
I was taught to be kind to all people, no matter where they came from or what their circumstances. She taught me people could be cruel, but it did not mean I needed to retaliate with more cruelty.
I used to think she taught me all of these things in life because she knew I was a little quirky and different, but as I grew up, I saw her exemplify all of her teachings in various ways.
Mummy and I had a heart-to-heart before I left, and she told me she could never live with herself if she didn’t help me pursue my dreams. It was another defining moment in our relationship where I could not refuse her. Mummy was not sacrificing because her internal happiness was making sure my sisters and I was living the best lives we could.

My mother struggles to ensure that I have a good life. Apart from making sure that I’m safe, and have enough to eat and wear, MY mother will face a thousand and one little challenge while trying to raise Her kids right. It is important for me to acknowledge the effort and sacrifices of my mother, and just once in a while, cut them some slack and do something nice for her.
Mummy for all the times I did not thank you either because I was too young to too busy or just did not find the words, I know, in the end, she’ll always be there for me. today I thank you for all you’ve done for me. I realise more and more everything you did, everything you gave, and most important, everything you stand for and I’ll love you till the day I die. and thank you with all of my grateful heart…

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