The statement, published on Agra LIve of 13th June’s print edition, “जयपुर से मुक्त कराई बेबी सुमन व उसके माता पिता” were inaccurate and misleading, in breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice. This is a false claim published by Hindustan NewsPaper. Suman Is Safe and comfortable in Hathi Gaon.


But why would a newspaper choose to publish material that it knows and declares to be false? That is the question being asked of the Hindustan, a Daily Hindi newspaper that carried an article that the newspaper itself admitted was “concocted” about the Suman Custody

An article carried in last weekend’s issue, as well as online, sought to raise a number of questions about the specifics of the Suman Custody, attempting to sow the seeds of doubt regarding a number of details. But the article also came with very prominent caveats. Its now listed under the label of “Fake News” despite appearing in the “Comment and Analysis” section.


It is the latest humiliation for the newspaper which has been misleading its readers about ‘Suman’s Custody give to Wildlife SOS’

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