Lets joining hands from across India to show their solidarity against extreme fake campaign #savesuman.

Be a part of this amazing project and helping it achieve all that it has. The calf Suman has grown up. She is now in Hathi Gaon (Elephant Village) and she is healthy and happy with her parents.

At Jaipur Explore, we are committed to providing information to our readers that will help them make informed decisions about their humane and green lifestyle. That’s why when it was brought to our attention that our recent post “Wildlife S.O.S. Stop All Propaganda Campaigns Against the Donations of fake #Savesuman welfare” was contributing to Spread awareness about That NGOs Fake campaign, we listened to our Hathi Gaon Mahouts and did our homework. As it turns out, watching baby elephant Suman play in the ground is as innocent as it sounds.

Reports from the field indicate that they are doing very well indeed and all of us are looking forward to seeing them live a long and peaceful life. It is generosity that mahouts Sameer Khan and Kabeer aka Ahsaan has given this Suman’s family a new lease of life. These Mahouts are working hard to use of elephants for entertainment purposes without any teasing and harassment in India’s first Hathi Gaon (Elephant Village). They are doing so by raising awareness about elephants in the tourism industry.

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