Jaipur Explore heartiest congratulations to our Editor-in-chief Mr. Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya on being selected as General Secretary of ‘Mera Adhikar society’. We are proud of you and know that you will justify your position.
Mera Adhikar President Awasthi B. K. Appoint the Vikram Singh as a General Secretary.
Mr. Awasthi B.K. congratulate to Him and said We wish to receive Vikram’s selfless service for the members of our society and hope that he will justify the expectations of all the enthusiastic society members.

Mr. ‘Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya’ wishes to express his sincere gratitude for Mera Adhikar Society, Vikram Added: First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving me this opportunity. It is my hope that my stay will be beneficial for our Society. I firmly believe that together we will continue the tradition of cooperation, built on trust and respect, between Jaipur Explore and Mera Adhikar, which will serve as a solid foundation for our future work during your term in office.

Jaipur Explore wishes Our Editor-in-Chief ‘Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya’ the best of success in his new challenging responsibilities. Please accept the assurances of our highest consideration

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