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The man was known for his role in driving the Rajput-Jat rivalry, especially with gangster Raju Theht. His arrest over the alleged murder of his once best friend Jivan Godara and his bitter relations with Khinvsar MLA Hanuman Beniwal made him enter police records. AnandPal Singh born in a Ravna Rajput community at Sanvarad village of Nagaur, the Ravna Rajput community, culturally similar to Rajputs. he was the first son of his family, younger than two sisters. As a grown up, he indulged in criminal activities that led to register 37 cases against him between 1992 and 2017. Out of these cases, as many as six were for murder including that of Godara, said the report quoting Police. In 2012, he was arrested by the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad from a farmhouse in Jaipur for murder. Since then, he was transferred to various central jails including Bharatpur, Bikaner and Ajmer.


However, in September 2015, he escaped dramatically from police custody on the way back to Ajmer prison from a court in Nagaur. Since September 2015, when he escaped dramatically from police custody on the way back to Ajmer prison from a court in Nagaur, Anand Pal has been a talking point with the police, politicians and the press. He was always conscious when the TV cameras were on him: he would curate his short walk for them while being escorted to the police vehicle from the prison and the courtroom. “The encounter was a team effort. We got help from district police in Nagaur, Churu and from the Haryana police in Sirsa.  IG, Special Operations Group, Dinesh M N told The Media. Singh’s supporters on WhatsApp and Facebook continue to hail him, leading to a Rajasthan police statement in response. However, it took a lot of effort for the cops to find him. IG, Special Operations Group, The cop further said that they asked AnandPal to surrender but denied and opened fired on the police personnel. This led them to fire in return, which resulted in his death. An inspector and two constables also received injuries in the encounter, said the IG.
As in life, gangster Anand Pal Singh continues to make news in death. His family still refuses to accept his body. His mother, wife and two daughters — Charanjeet is studying engineering in Dubai, Yagyajeet is in school in Pune — have demanded a CBI probe into his killing.



Last week, Rajput groups protested in several parts of Rajasthan, blocking highways and indulging in arson in Shekhawati, Marwar, Alwar and Nagaur.



“On Saturday, over 35,000 Rajputs were marched to submit a memorandum demanding a CBI probe,” said Mahipal Singh Makrana of the Shri Rajput Karni Sena to Media.

“There is no clear earning member in his family, yet one of his daughters is studying engineering in Dubai paying Rs. 20 lakh. Another daughter is studying at an expensive school in Pune. He has two flats in Jaipur, 370 bigha land, mines in Makrana and several other Benami properties. Have you ever thought how he amassed all this wealth?

Anand Pal, incidentally, had only Rs 20 in his wallet when he was killed. l_IMG-20160727-WA0004-1469598135

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