It is now important more than ever to stop such campaigns and shut those elements that are behind this. We don’t want to blame any other entity, force or factor because it is our duty to protect Suman, His mahout’s true dedication, passion and love for humanity was uncanny. So we have to come up and save Suman and her Elephant Village that is the shelter of Hundreds of elephants.

There is a risk of lack of donations for the ‘wildlife S.O.S.’ That’s why there is an active campaign #savesuman run against the Hathi Gaon (Elephant village) Jaipur,  Wildlife S.O.S spread negative propaganda and rumours in order to donate to the against #savesuman Campaign.

IMG-20180527-WA0073 IMG-20180527-WA0074
we have to trust mahout Sameer Khan and helped him so he couldn’t let his Suman go on. There were factors in his life as well and all other propaganda but it is crucial and very lethal now if such campaigns accelerate further as the defender has left. We have to act as his defenders and protectors.

Having said this, We like to share that we and together with mahout Sameer Khan, have already started taking action against this and in the realm of this fear. Charity begins at home, so we took the initiative with the first step from our side, now we are asking you to come up and took a step against such campaigns and propaganda and let’s together save the legacy and humanity of Baby Elephant Suman. We already have failed them in many ways, let this time be his defenders and protectors, let’s go together!


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