Khade Ganesh Ji temple is one of the most talked about temples in Kota. The reason why it is called as Khade Ganesh Ji temple is the standing statue of Lord Ganesha which is kind of unique in the whole country. According to facts, this temple is around 600 years old and it attracts tourists from all over the country for the whole year.

Situated near a lake in Ganesh Nagar, the history of Khade Ganesh Ji temple and its structure makes it worth visiting. It is a renowned place and people of not only Kota, but also other cities pay regular visits to the temple and especially before the start of any new venture or function.


The Khade Ganesh ji temple has undergone a renovation recently and the beauty of this place has increased manifolds after this. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated on a grand scale in this temple and a grand fair is also organized for the same. Along with the main temple of Lord Ganesh, there are some small temples too inside the premises, of which one is dedicated to Lord Shiva

Near the temple of Lord Shiva, a small pond is there and the pathway of the temple is all green with beautiful plants and fountains. The morning visits can really give a soothing effect and surreal feeling.

Lots of advancements and developments have taken place in and around the vicinity of the temple. The most important development being the construction of Ganesh Udhyan. This place is also one of a kind and is really beautiful and grand. A large number of people visit the garden in the morning and evening for yoga and exercises and the sight is a real treat to watch.

The government is having a progressive attitude towards the development of the religious places in Kota. This is actually proving to be very beneficial for the city. In the coming years, Kota can prove to be a big name along with the major players of the country because of the vision of the government.

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    September 17, 2022 at 9:51 am

    Superbly explained ….keep blogging.👍

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