Your favourite monsoon snack Bhutta – is rich in fibre, which helps improve digestion. This fibre will help control your hunger and aid in weight loss. One of the oldest cereals with almost two hundred known varieties, corn has an amazing shelf life. Archaeologists have been able to popcorn as old as 1000 years!

You will find several bhuttawallahs at every street corner during the months of monsoon because bhuttas are seasonal and are best relished and enjoyed during the rains. So you can go ahead and have them before they vanish.



Eating roasted corn with a dash of lemon juice rubbed over it during the monsoon season, is quite simply one of life’s greatest pleasures. This comfort food not only tastes delicious, but it boosts your overall health, by providing your body with numerous nutrients.
If there’s anything that truly defines the essence of the Indian monsoon, it is a bhutta, which is one of the oldest summer crop popularly savoured in the rainy season.

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