In the freezing January night of Jaipur, when the entire city dons their sweaters, monkey-caps and mufflers with a hot cup of tea (which they enjoy holding instead of drinking), there are few under-privileged who cannot afford even a woolen and die – without a roof or cloth on their bare bodies.

Is there are ray of hope for the rest? Yes, there is. Meet Gopi  a little boy who makes his living by selling Baloons and other knick knacks at the traffic signal near Ajmer Road .he has  little space under the flyover near the signal and with younger brother, elder sister and someone he calls “Papa-mummy”, that’s what pretty much his world is. The freezing winters of Jaipur leave much to be asked for in him ragged old dress. But this winter he found a helping hand in the form of ‘Let’s Help’ a unit of M. A. Memorial Trust. Let’s Help Team , who distributed Clothes and woolen to him as well as other people residing in and around that flyover.  For Let’s Help, it’s not about changing the lives of the people but doing something even more basic than that – making them survive – enabling them to fight their battle of survival against Mother Nature.

 Ensuring that the help reaches out only to the neediest has been the principal challenge for Let’s Help. Since the inception, making sure that the help reaches only to the ones who are actually in need has been the key objective of the help. Let’s Help team would check that the clothes is provided only to the ones who really need it.

As a part of charitable activities, the members of Let’s Help distribute clothes & woolen to the poor & helpless people sleeping on roadsides. The team of Let’s Help Gazal, Sameer, Wasima, Vikram,Bahul,Mr. Puran ,Mr.Ashok Agarwal, also distribute Woolen & clothes to the poor people and kids residing in roadside and slums.

The Growing Stars students also distributed clothes and woolen to needy , during a programme  organised by the Let’s Help a unit of M. A. Memorial Trust in Jaipur, On Monday. The programme was organised at The Growing Stars Coaching Centre, Ajmer Road Jaipur.

Most come wearing only an old pair of shorts. Smaller children usually don’t even have that, and often come to our programs naked. We try to arrange for clothes for all of these children.

 Let’s Help president  Mr. Sayeed Said ;I would like to thank all our supporters who donated towards the cause this occasion. This would only allow us to reach out to more people who cannot manage to protect themselves and their families from the bitter cold.

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