According to the legislative assembly of Jaipur, in the year 1939, the Rajput Sabha Bhavan, the main function of the Assembly is to work for the progress of Rajput caste. In the Rajput community for SMS Institute for professional development, there has been training for ICS, RAS and Sub-inspector police, Banking Services or any other promotional services and the 30% of successful students are from the Rajput society. SMS Institute may have introduced new courses.

Date 7th June 2016 celebrated the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, Date 17th August 2016 celebrated the birth anniversary of Veer Durgadas Rathore, such work is also done here and includes all members of the Rajput Community.The Rajput Sabha up gradation culture, bravery, sacrificed, discipline, the spread of education, the operation of women’s supervisors and empowerment programs, female feticides, child marriage etc. work order of social mobilization runs here.



The upcoming education session of girl hostel starts in July 2017. 2016-17, 50 girls have remained inconvenienced according to their ability.In the absence of an adequate number of students in the society, students of other society have to submit but compared to the society, almost twice the amount of residential charges. Our objective is that our girls get this benefit therefore only the entire facility of 50 seats can be given to the society. All of us request special attention to girl child education in Rajput society.
Shree Rajput Hostel(Station Road) upcoming education will begin in July, the admission process has begun.150 students were studying in the previous session 2016-17.
SMS Institute for Professional Development batch of RAS, Foundation, College Lecturer, Police Sub-Inspector SSC etc. are being run. Mr Rishi Raj Bhati Ji(IPS) was invited and motivational speech was given to the students of the Institute by which all students succeed in achieving their goals.
Jagatpura Construction Hostel: Plasterwork of 5th-floor building in the hostel has been completed, Ground floors are ready, Light-fitting, sanitary works are underway. The construction work will be completed by October-November,2017.
Guest House Facility in Sabha Bhavan:Two AC Room large size for life member rupees 400 and other member rupees 50,two AC Room small size for life members rupees 250and other member rupees 300, 1 dormitory hall for lifetime members rupees50 and other members rupees 85, Ground floor1dormitory hall for lifetime members rupees 30 and other members rupees 40.
Group Marriage Conference: 50 pairs of junk together in mass marriage organized by Shree. Rajput Sabha, Jaipur on pipal Poonam, May 10th.

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