Sh. Dr. ‘Arun Chaturvedi’ Social Justice & Empowerment, Minority Affairs, Waqf, Minister and Young and energetic Jaipur Mayor Sh. Ashok Lahoti released Jaipur Explore posters on Friday.

 The poster launch programme was attended by a team of Jaipur Explore including BJP Senior Activist Ms. ‘Suchitra Karnik’, Mr Akshay Chaturvedi ( Son of Sh. Dr Arun Chaturvedi), M. A. Memorial Trustee Mohd. Sayeed Sheikh.

An innovative series of posters were launched at the Sh. Arun Chaturvedi’s Civil Line House. The posters have been designed to be wrapped around Jaipur’s objects to promote Jaipur.  The Magazine behind the posters hopes that its members and other interested parties will join in with the “Promote Jaipur”  campaign by using the Magazine as imaginatively and creatively as possible within their Channels.


“This Magazine Projects is something really new, fun and exciting. The more Celebrities, Politician, Entrepreneur, Sports Persons, Activists will get involve with Jaipur Explore, the more people it will reach and in so doing, spread Good messages about the Jaipur.

The designer Mr Gopal Singh. rising model shakti Singh, Artist K. P. Naruka, Advocate  Pankaj, Actor  Deepak, celebrity Photographer Chintu Pathak, sportsman Sameer, The Growing Stars Owner Gazal, Jaipur Explore’s Photojournalist Sahil have also Joined Jaipur Explore Poster launching.


Jaipur Explore CEO ‘Vikram Singh Rathore’ And Editor-in-Chief ‘Runa Sayeed’ earned praise from the Minister Sh. Arun Chaturvedi and Mayor Sh. Ashok Lahoti For Good Work As a Team.

Jaipur Explore Team thank all those who thanked us with folded hands.

 Jaipur Explore Team Promise To Jaipur You may soon be Seeing more their Own print Magazine.

All Pictures Credit: Jaipur Explore Photojournalist ‘SAHIL’

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