Handicrafts are the real representation of the art, culture and tradition of any state or country. They define the skillset, talent and ability of the local artisans and small craftsmen. These handicraft items not only enhance the beauty of a place but also give positive vibrations with the beautiful décor and adornment. Some of the major handicraft products Kota and its divisions are famous for are mentioned below.

Kota Doria Saris

The weavers of Kota are expert in making the super amazing Kota Doria saris which are famous all over the world. They are exported all over the world and are very beautiful, comfortable and elegant to wear. The rates of these saris are very reasonable and these weavers also make suits out of this fabric. This material is totally handmade and no machines are used in making these fantabulous pieces of Kota Doria.

Lac Bangles

Bangles are loved by each and every girl of our country. The colorful bangles have the capacity to uplift the moods of all the girls and woman and they also never go out of fashion. Kota is famous for Lac bangles which are considered auspicious too along with being beautiful and unique ones. These bangles need utmost expertise and precision to come out as expected. They are also exported all over the world and look extremely beautiful and alluring.

Colorful Pottery

Pottery is the one of the most famous and timeless craft traditions of Rajasthan. In Kota, colorful mud, clay and ceramic pottery is famous. The expert potters make the most of their skills and the results are worldwide known. This amazing craftwork is even exported to other countries also.

Bani Thani painting

Bani Thani painting is a famous artwork of Bundi. The style of painting consist of portraying a woman with all the elements of shringar and striking facial features which are kind of exaggerated but look extremely beautiful and attractive.

So next time make sure when you visit these places, definitely purchase these handicrafts and give your home a royal décor. You can also get heaps of praises from your friends and family if you gift them some of these.


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JE Kota Editor

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