Those were also the days when he used to teach every child of the village to take higher education and go to the service of the country, always saying that when I retire, after that I will get the daughter to get higher education in the city. When he became immortal while serving the country, then daughter Garima was only thirteen months old. She could not even recognize her father’s face. Was only swaying. Now for me, daughter dignity is everything. His dream is to serve the needy section of the country by becoming a doctor. This is to say that the heroine of martyr Lance Naik Jagdish Singh Shekhawat, Sunil Kanwar, originally a resident of Jaipahari Jagdish Singh Shekhawat was martyred on 17 September 1999. He had destroyed the enemy’s strong bunker before giving up his life. After passing 12th, he joined the army on 1 December 1988. Mack was in the Infantry Regiment when he was martyred. Whenever martyr Veerangana Sunil Kanwar narrates old memories, his throat fills and eyes become moist.

Veerangana Sunil Kanwar told that Jagdish had come to the village for the last time on June 24, 1999. He used to play volleyball with the children of the village. He encouraged them to join the army. Last time he made many promises. It used to be said to keep respecting the elders, to caress the younger ones. He also believed in worship and after retiring, he used to talk about getting higher education for his daughter by staying in a big city. They did not come, wrapped in the tricolour, when their mortal remains came, they became unconscious. Now I see everything in the only daughter, Garima.

Martyr Veerangana Sunil Kanwar with daughter Garima.

She told that he is not very educated, but his dream is that the daughter should become worthy of something. For this, the daughter is now preparing for NEET and AIIMS for admission in MBBS.

Has been, On the other hand, Garima says that Papa’s face is not remembered, but when the family members talk about his valour, then I think he was brave as well as a noble person.

He served the country by staying on the border, I want to become a doctor and serve the needy section of the country Garima addressed to Vikram Singh Dhodhliya Editor-in-chief of Jaipur Explore

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