Tarkeshwar Temple at PinkCity is dedicated to Shankar bhagwan” lord Shiva”. , Shivling of Tarkeshwar Mahadev is made by Black stone. Golden pictographs, a Nandi in brass and big bronze gongs and bells are the other highlights. Built way back in the 1784 A.D., Mandir Shri Tarkeshwar Ji is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Lord Mahadev and you will find that the main idol here is in black.Shivling of Tarkeshwar Mahadev is made by Black stone. It is having a 9″ diameter. The temple of Shri Tarkeshwar has a marble floor. By the side of the chowk is the Jagmohan (Assembly) hall. In this hall are hanging four bronze gongs each weighting 125 kilograms. Some of the main attractions here include an imposing statue of Shiva Lingam and golden pictographs along with huge bull statue made of brass, large bronze gongs and beautiful bells.
The ganesh idol as shown here seated and has left turned trunk. It’s a very old temple in chora Rasta Jaipur.


It is generally believed on the basis of oral tradition that Shri Tarkeshwar Ji is an earth born deity. Formally here was a hamlet Dhundar Meenas. Shri Tarkeshwar Ji appeared from the earth and the Meenas enshrined the deity’s image.

It also plays a perfect host to important fairs and festivals including Mahashiva Ratri, Nrisingh Leela, Diwali and Annakuta and there is a also a special puja that is performed every Monday (Lord Shiva). With so much to explore here, make sure you have some time to visit this place.


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