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  • An old Hanuman temple located in the old city at Chadi ki Taksal.. named after the colour of statue… Famous of treatment of people under influence of spirits…It is the place to which the jaipurites are strongly connected. Kale Hanuman Ji temple is amongst the oldest temples in Jaipur said to be around 1000 years old. Unlike other Hanuman temples where the idol is mainly red or orange in colour, the idol in this temple is black in colour and that is why it is fondly known as Kale Hanuman Ji Ka Mandir.

  • Thousands of people visit here daily. For all the believer and lover of Lord Hanuman, this temple of pureness is a great place to meditate and acquire the blessings of this divine god, in the serenity of holy priest. The temple ceremonies is a great experience to be witnessed.
    Kale Hanumanji Ka Mandir is a place to visit at least once and you will really feel this is the place you were missing out while visiting Jaipur. It is in the heart of the city and a place where you can reach easily but this is not the only thing you should visit here. It is located on the same street where Hawa Mahal It is just another end. This part of a street known as an area of silver makers. In generally the Hanuman statue always in saffron colour. The Jaipur was a big economic centre when it establishes by King Sawai Jai Singh II. It was a big centre of silver production. Maharaja Jai Singh establishes a mint in Chandi ki taksal lane. Black stone goes beautifully with silver decoration. This temple in the centre of the silver coin mint area. This temple will give you a great peace, its atmosphere is very spiritual, nice religious chatting going on. Devotees are performing a lot of rituals.

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