Apart from all the other big qualities and historical significances of Rajasthan, the thing that grabs attention of people all over the world is its folk dance form. The rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan is well known and celebrated all over the world and so is its pleasing dance forms. Some of the most famous dance forms of Rajasthan are discussed below.

Kalbeliya dance

All decked up in the traditional black dance costume, the women of namesake tribe perform this amazing dance form. They don an angrakhi, odhani and black ghagra along with the most beautiful traditional jewel pieces to make the dance look more attaractive. The traditional folk music is played by men using the instruments like dholak, khanjari and pungi. Women sway like serpents in this dance form and that is why this dance is also called Snake Charmer dance on Sapera dance. UNESCO has considered this dance form as ‘Intangible Heritage’.


Rajasthani women who belong to kalbeliya, Kumhar, Bhil, Jat or Meena community perform this wonderful dance form. This is a ritualistic dance of Rajasthan in which women perform while balancing eight to nine pots or pitchers on their heads and their feet is on the perimeter of a brass plate or on a glass top. With these hard props, these women dance gracefully with twirling movements and beautiful hand gestures. The traditional music is played by men using sarangi, dholak and harmonium.

Kachchi Ghodi

This dance form is very entertaining and colorful. The origin of Kachchi Ghodi dance is said to be in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan. This dance form is about the story of local bandits of the region. It is performed beautifully through music and dance. Only men perform this dance and they are all decked up in traditional dhoti kurtas and turban. To symbolize chivalry and bravery, they ride on a beautifully decorated dummy horse and also sometimes engage in mock sword fights during dancing.

Each and every tradition and ritual of Rajasthan has some story attached to it. To know and feel it more deeply, ‘Padharo Mhare Des’.


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