­Ghat ki Guni tunnel is the tunnel that connects Jaipur to Agra. The tunnel has Havelis on both sides which make it a beautiful driving experience through the tunnel. Since it is accident prone, it is better to drive slowly while enjoying the beauty around. For a novice, coming to visit Pink City for the first time and entering through this mystical tunnel will surely have an enthralling experience. The symmetrical architecture and a captivating façade lining on both sides of the road, adorned with the different style of Chhatris and Jharokhas imparts a glimpse of the typical framework of Jaipur. An alternative route with the tunnel has now been thrown unlocked, and all heavy commercial vehicular traffic has been diverted through it. There are sidewalks on the sides, two-equipment side-bays, and perhaps inadequate ventilation.



Total length: 2800 meters
Width : 858 meters
Tunnel Length on Agra road: 1042 meters
Tunnel length on Jaipur road: 900 meters
Bi-lane tunnel
The lanes have been connected at a point to switch roads in case of emergency
9 jet fans have been installed to curb pollution
Footpaths ion both lanes have been constructed
Automatic Lighting has been installed, in case one transformer gets idle.

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